7 Awesome House Railing Design For Balcony Ideas

Balconies are an important component of every property since they provide a spot to take in the scenery while also appreciating the natural surroundings. However, in order to ensure the safety of individuals who use the balcony, it is essential to have a railing that is both strong and well-designed.

House Railing Design For Balcony Ideas

7 Awesome House Railing Design For Balcony Ideas

In this piece, we will examine seven distinct railing design possibilities for balconies, each of which comes with its own set of advantages and perks that are distinctive unto itself.

Cable Railings

Cable railings are a popular choice for balconies because they provide a contemporary and elegant appearance while also offering a high degree of safety. This makes them an appealing option for homeowners. These railings are made out of thin metal wires that are strung between metal posts to provide a barrier that is see-through and does not hinder views in any way. Cable railings are one of the easiest forms of railings to maintain because, unlike other types of railings, they do not collect dirt or dust.

Glass Railings

Those who want to make the most of the view from their balcony have another choice available to them in the form of glass railings. These railings are constructed using panes of glass that are either clear or translucent and are kept in place by metal frames. Glass railings provide a sleek and contemporary appearance, in addition to being simple to maintain since dirt and debris can simply be wiped away. However, since the glass panels do not provide a physical barrier, they may not be the most suitable option for households with small children or pets.

Wood Railings

Wood railings are a time-honored alternative for balconies and may provide a property an air of coziness and rustic charm. Wood railings are a great addition to any house. The outside of the house may be stained or painted to match the color of these railings, which can be crafted from a number of woods such as oak, pine, or cedar, and then stained to match. Railings made of wood need more upkeep than railings made of other materials since, with time, they may need to be polished or repainted.

Railings Made of Metal

Due to the fact that metal railings are both sturdy and long-lasting, they are another popular option for balconies. Powder coating or painting may be used to finish these railings so that they blend in with the outside of the house. These railings can be manufactured from a range of metals, including aluminum, steel, and iron. Metal railings may have a lower care need than wooden railings; but, if they are not properly maintained, they are more likely to corrode.

Stone Railings

Stone railings are a beautiful and high-end alternative for individuals who are trying to add a touch of elegance to their balcony. Stone railings come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These railings may be fabricated from a selection of stones, including granite, marble, or limestone, and can have a design that is individualized to complement the architectural aesthetic of the house. Stone railings are long-lasting and need very little maintenance, although their initial cost is often more than that of other materials used for railings.

PVC Railings

PVC railings are an alternative for balconies that are both cost-effective and low-maintenance, respectively. These railings are fabricated from polyvinyl chloride, a form of plastic, and may be shaped and designed in a wide number of ways thanks to the molding capabilities of the material. Because they are resistant to moisture and can survive severe temperatures, PVC railings are an excellent option for usage in outdoor environments.

Railings Made of Wrought Iron

Balcony railings made of wrought iron are an excellent option since they are both classic and attractive. These handrails are crafted from iron that has been melted and molded by hand, which results in patterns that are one of a kind and very detailed. Wrought iron railings are sturdy and long-lasting, but they may need more care than railings made of other materials since, if they are not well protected, they may rust with time.


When it comes to the design of balcony railings, there is a wide variety of various railing solutions from which to pick. There is a railing choice available that will accommodate your preferences and requirements, whether you are looking for a design that is contemporary and minimal, one that is classic and stately, or anything in between the two extremes.

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